Thursday, June 20, 2013

Golf Tee Hammering

This week was "Red" week and one of the fine motor skills we worked on was hammering.  This was the "favorite" tray this week.  It's simple and very inexpensive but can provide lots of fun sensory exploration as well.   Lexi kept coming back to this again and again.  Think of how much fun this would be with a giant piece of Styrofoam from inside a refrigerator or TV box. 

For materials, simply gather any size or shape of styrofoam, various golf tees and a toy hammer.  We used a small play cup to collect the tees and for an added challenge I traced a few alphabet letters for her to practice aiming.  She loved hammering, but also just poking the tees in the holes and trying to put them as close together as possible.
This is a unique twist on a simple hammering toy and since the tees are small they require more precision, so it's great for a child who has mastered their hammer/peg toy!




  1. Ah yes, golf tee hammering! My oldest used to love to do that! We got big pieces of foam insulation stuff from Home Depot and he would just go to town on it! Time to get it all out again for our 3 yr old. :)


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