Where do you want to be one year from today? Do you want to... weigh less, make more money, travel more, have better relationship, or be different in any way?  

Have you ever started a year with the best of intentions, only to be in practically the same place 12+ months later? Ahh! That's so frustrating and such a waste! But it can easily happen when we don't have a plan.

That's because a great year doesn't happen by accident...

A great year only happens by design!

That's exactly why I've created three new tools to help you have your best year ever!  

1) Happy Organized Year, the dated and customizable 2018 planner

2) Happy Organized Goals, the goal setting workbook to help you reach your heart's desires 

3) Achieve, the successful goal setting masterclass that will explain the science behind setting goals and how to achieve them! You'll also receive exclusive membership to a private facebook group where you'll receive support, encouragement, and inspiration to keep you on track and motivated so your goals can actually be achieved. 

 *Since the Achieve Goal-setting Masterclass is an interactive experience, it will only be available for sale through January 6, 2018 so you don't miss too much of the class. 

Since no two people have the exact same needs, I've designed this planner for ultimate customization.  

Each planner includes three cover choices, two sizes (8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5) and three dated interior page layouts.

These choices guarantee you're sure to have a planner that works for your life. 

The planner also includes:

  • 2018-2019 Year at a Glance calendars 
  • Two page monthly spreads so you can see and plan your entire month at once 
  • Inspirational quotes 
  • Notes pages and more!

The Happy Organized Goals workbook has been created to lead you through the goal setting process so you can create goals around the things that are most important to you.

It walks you through the process of doing a personal inventory of prioritizes, a life audit so you can see what has (and hasn't) worked well for you in the past, and gives you a framework for setting powerful goals and a step-by-step guide for actually achieving them.

When I started brainstorming what I'd include in the planner, I thought it would be around 15 or so pages, but once I started creating it it just kept growing! The Happy Organized Goal workbook alone is over 70 pages!! I was important to me to create something extremely helpful and thorough so we're able to gain clarity about our priorities and create actionable goals and plans to set ourselves up for success. There are five sections in the planner (reflect, envision, plan, implement, and assess), and each section begins with an overview page and inspirational quote. I've designed these quotes so they can be printed as wall art too so you can add some inspiration to your home or office if you'd like.

We begin our goal setting process by thinking over the last year, what worked, what didn't, and what we want to do differently. We also get clear about our priorities by figuring out what we'll say yes and no to in the new year. We'll then brainstorm what we want to achieve in various areas of our lives.

From there, we go into the planning and implementation phases where we plan how we're going to go about achieving our goals. I've included various goal setting printables and habit trackers so we can easily stay on top of our goals and keep track of our progress.

In the "Assess" portion of the workbook, we review how our plans are working and make changes accordingly.  

I've also included a few other inspirational quotes/wall art as well as printables for tracking your gratitude and creating affirmations to help you establish new habits and cultivate a positive and supportive mindset.

I haven't been able to include pictures of all of the printables because, like I said, over 70 pages!! but I am so excited to share this workbook with you! I know it's going to be a fantastic tool for helping us establish our goals, create new habits, and make 2018 our best and most successful year yet!

The Achieve Goal Setting Masterclass is for the person who is:

  • tired of setting goals and getting no where
  • makes a resolution every year, but can't stick with it (or has given up on resolutions completely!)
  • serious about making changes 
  • Achieve is for the person who has BIG goals, and is ready to achieve them! 

Don't just set goals; Achieve them!

The Achieve goal setting masterclass contains multiple videos that explain the science behind goal setting, how to use the Happy Organized Goals workbook for the best possible results, and a private, eight week facebook group where we can support, encourage, and inspire one another to plan, stick with, and achieve our goals as we begin the new year.  

 *Since the Achieve Goal-setting Masterclass is an interactive experience, it will only be available for sale through January 6, 2018 so you don't miss too much of the class. 

 *Since the Achieve Goal-setting Masterclass is an interactive experience, it will only be available for sale through January 6, 2018 so you don't miss too much of the class. 


I already have This Organized Life. How are Happy Organized Year & Goals different?

Happy Organized Year is a dated planner specifically created for 2018. The design and overall daily layout has completely changed to provide more writing and planning space for increased efficiency.

Happy Organized Goals is unlike any other printable collection previously offered. It walks you through the process of goal creation, planning, and implementation so your goals can get out of your head, off paper, and finally achieved!

How big are the printables? 

The yearly planner printables are available in two sizes: the standard 8.5x11 and half size 5.5x8.5.

The Happy Organized Goals planner is available in the standard 8.5x11 size.

How long will I have access to the Achieve Masterclass?

How does forever sound?! :) Everyone who purchases the Achieve masterclass will have access to the material forever, which includes all future updates and improvements as the class evolves.

How can I print my new 2018 planner and goal workbook?

You are welcome to print the planner on your own printer at home or at your favorite print shop/office supply store.

When does the Achieve Masterclass begin?

The Achieve Masterclass and private facebook group will begin in January 2018. 

I have another question that's not listed here. 

No problem! Please e-mail us at myloveforwords@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What's your return policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on digital products.

We all know, from years of experience and failed resolutions, that a great year won't just happen on its own. 

In order to make 2018 everything we want and hope it can be, we need to have a plan, and that's exactly what the 2018 planner, goal setting workbook, and Achieve masterclass provide for us.

I can't wait for you to get your copy and to hear about everything you're going to accomplish now that you have an easy to follow game plan. 

Just imagine where you'll be a year from now!!