10 Decluttering Tricks That Are Too Fun to Resist

Say goodbye to decluttering dread! Believe it or not, it can be a blast to clear out your home. Check out these ten simple and enjoyable ways to have fun while decluttering.

Keep yourself energized and moving by opening the windows, turning on the lights, and listening to music that makes you dance. Podcasts and tv shows are great alternatives too.

Taking on too much at once will just lead to overwhelm. Instead, focus on small areas and tasks that you can accomplish quickly like decluttering your socks or a junk drawer.

Decluttering tasks are a lot more fun when you turn them into a game. You can try to beat the clock, race a decluttering buddy, or play decluttering bingo.

Take before and after photos! Nothing’s worse than working for a while and feeling like we have nothing to show for it. Looking at pictures is a great way to see what our eyes sometimes miss.

Working towards and achieving a goal deserves to be celebrated. Having a fun reward waiting for you on the other side of work can be a great motivator and keep you going when you’re ready to quit.