10 Startling Ways Tidying Up Can Soothe Your Spirit

The extra stuff you have in your house isn’t just messy. It might be causing you undue stress and preventing you from coming home to a well-organized home that brings you joy. In some situations, too much stuff can even keep you from completing your work.

Clutter can be distracting and draw your focus away from the activities you want to dedicate your time to. In addition, you may spend unnecessary time constantly moving the mess around to make space. Once your home is decluttered, you may quickly notice that your focus is improved.


Do you need help with problem-solving or completing tasks? Staring at the disorganized mess on a daily basis can be draining. However, many people find that their concentration and energy levels have significantly improved after they have fully decluttered their homes. Plus, you can move on to other things that bring you more joy.


If you get home and instantly feel anxious, it could have something to do with the disarray around you. You may mentally begin running through lists of projects that need to get done or steps to take to improve the situation. Reducing clutter will noticeably affect anxiety levels, especially those associated with your space.


Some people feel insecure about the state of their home, especially if the mess prevents them from having friends or family over. However, once you get your home decluttered, you can focus on organizing, cleaning, and decorating in a way that makes you proud to show off your space.


Although cleaning up your home will not instantly fix diagnosed insomnia, you may notice improvements in your sleep. Most people are aware that there is a link between mental health and insomnia. But did you know there is also a link between sleep problems and hoarding? If the decluttering in your home feels debilitating, getting rid of stuff might help.