11 Easy Ways to Hide Ugly Cords and Wires Around Your Home

Adhesive Hooks


Inexpensive and stylish, Command hooks are a great way to add some extra organization without damaging walls or furniture.

Hide Cords Inside Baseboards


Run unsightly cords and wires right through your baseboards! You can have power and electronics where you need them without all the visual cord clutter.

Zip Ties


Zip ties are an easy and inexpensive way to quickly corral a bunch of wires and keep them out of sight.

Hide Cords in Everyday Items


Hiding electronics in everyday objects is a great way to keep them easily accessible without having to see them all the time. It’s kind of fun too.



Baskets can act like a cable catch all and are another great way to hide the various cords and components we have around our homes.

Wrap Up Your Cords and Wires


These DIY felt cable organizers are an easy, inexpensive, and cute way to keep your cords from becoming a jumbled mess in your purse. Click the link for the tutorial if you'd like to make your own.

Use a Cords Cover Kit


Sometimes a crafty DIY solution just won’t cut it or is more trouble than it’s worth. If that’s the case, a cord cover kit  might be just the solution you’re looking for. Click the link to see my favorite one.

Washi Tape


Something as inexpensive was washi tape can make a bold and chic statement so showing your cords actually looks intentional.

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