35 Free Elf On the Shelf Printables and Ideas

Write a Welcome or "I'm back!" Letter


Use a festive letter to welcome your Elf to your home or reintroduce him after his year away.

Countdown to Chrismas


Print out these cute little printable cards and count down every day until Christmas Eve together!

Free Printable Good Deed Cards


Your Elf can help encourage good behavior with these cute free printable good deed cards.

Create an Elf Kissing Booth


Print out this cute Elf on the Shelf kissing booth and grant your kids a bunch of sweet elf (or chocolate) kisses.

Spider Elf


Surprise your kids with their Elf in disguise as their favorite superhero or movie character.

Elf Jail Break


Has your Elf been naughty? Put them in a candy cane jail! This printable is so much fun! You could even put some broken candy canes around it for a jail break!

Elf Outhouse


Put a little cell phone in his hand for a laugh.

Elf Baking Buddies


Now you can bake with your elf! Print this adorable little oven, cookie tray, aprons, and sign and start baking!

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