Unlock the Secrets of Great Chats: 4 Golden Rules to Ace Every Conversation

When you first meet someone at a social gathering or professional setting, the last thing you want is awkwardness.

You’re missing the point if you come at someone with a line you’ve memorized, something you want to say, or a question you want to ask. Making it about you is not the way to make a connection. You must make it about them.


Look at the person as they approach you. Is there anything you see that you can comment on or ask about?


Take a moment to consider where you are. If you’re at a sporting event, the topic of conversation is simple: talk about the team, the game, or the players.


It would be easy if you could just ask someone about themselves and off you went into a fantastic conversation, but, like dancing, chatting requires two people.


No one expects a deep conversation at social gatherings, so there’s no need to feel anxious; a typical conversation may only last a few minutes before you move on. So keep things light and try to have fun.