11 Sneaky Tricks to Make Ugly Cords Invisible in Your Home

Hiding Ugly Cords & Wires

Ever wondered how to hide ugly cords in your home? Now you can easily turn any messy cord situation into a clean and clutter-free space with one of these  eleven solutions.

They are truly an ingenious tool because they’re easy to remove when you’re done with them, and they’ve never damaged our walls, doors, or fireplace mantel.


Adhesive Hooks

How to Use Command Hooks

The lamp cord did end up being much longer than we needed in order for it to be to reach the electrical outlet so I wrapped the excess cord around the back of the table.


If you really want to make cords hard to spot, try hiding them inside of baseboards.


Hide Cords Inside Baseboards

Use Baskets

Baskets can act like a cable catch all and are another great way to hide the various cords and components we have around our homes.


Washi Tape

Something as inexpensive was washi tape can make a bold and chic statement so showing your cords actually looks intentional.