25 Brilliant Ideas for Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Organizing under the kitchen sink can be tricky, but before you throw in the towel, check out these 25 genius ideas for making the space pretty and functional.

If you have vertical space, using cabinet doors to organize under the kitchen sink is a great way to make the most of this often neglected space.


Make Use of the Space on the Counter’s Door

Keep a Cleaning Caddy

Keeping a durable cleaning caddy in the sink’s cabinet is a great way to keep cleaning supplies handy without taking up a lot of space.


Many cleaning products come in big plastic jugs that are perfect for organizing under the sink with a Lazy Susan!


Install a Lazy Susan

2-Tiers Sliding Shelf Under Sink Storage

Using 2-tier sliding under sink storage is a great way to keep everything tidy and easily accessible at the same time, plus they take up very little space.


Add a Tension Rod

You should try adding a tension rod! This way, you’ll keep all the sprayers off the cabinet’s bottom.