4 Signs You Have Become Clutter Blind

Have You Become Clutter Blind

The longer I live in a situation, the less able I am to see it from an outsider’s perspective, and this was especially true of my home.

If you can walk around piles of dirty clothes or live with a sink overflowing with dirty dishes until you have nothing clean left to eat from, you’re probably clutter blind.


High Tolerance for Piles

Home isn’t a Haven

Instead of feeling happy and at peace because you’re in a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, your home has evolved into a never-ending to do list.


I realized I was clutter blind when I took pictures inside my home and saw the clutter staring back at me from the photograph.


Photography Shock

Nothing has a Home

One huge reason for clutter blindness is having a lot of items but few, if any, homes. When someone asks, “Where does this go?”


You deserve a home you can enjoy, that doesn’t feel overwhelming or embarrassing, and I want to help you get there, step by step.