50 Creative Mom & Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Bee and Beehive

This is such an original and cute costume idea for crafty parents.

It's hard to be grouchy looking at this cute duo! You could even decorate a baby carrier as a little trash can for a hands-free costume.

Garbage Carrier & Oscar the Grouch

Big Bad Wolf & Three Little Pigs

This parent-baby costume idea is instantly recognizable and yet not overdone. It's such a sweet way to bring a favorite nursery rhyme to life.

Bring the iconic Lady & The Tramp scene to life with your little one as the spaghetti and meatballs. This is a costume that's so cute you want to gobble it up!

Lady & The Tramp Sharing Spaghetti

Bank Robber &  Bundle of Money

Steal the hearts of everyone you pass on Halloween with this adorable bank robber and bundle of cash costume.

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