Creative Solutions for Organizing Under Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

Organizing under the kitchen sink can be tricky, but before you throw in the towel, check out these 25 genius ideas for making the space pretty and functional.

Organizing under the sink with clear containers is an easy way to declutter your kitchen and keep everything visible at the same time.


Clear Containers

Keep a Cleaning Caddy

Keeping a durable cleaning caddy in the sink’s cabinet is a great way to keep cleaning supplies handy without taking up a lot of space.


A sliding organizer for under the kitchen sink is a great way to keep the space organized. They make them for pots, pans, and lids too.


Sliding Under the Kitchen Sink Organizers

Organize Your Trash Bags

What a simple yet brilliant idea to store your trash bags under the sink. You could try doing something similar with large adhesive hooks!


The best way to organize under a kitchen sink is to start with a plan. You don’t want to just throw things under the sink; you want them to be useful and accessible.