Keep Clutter at Bay: 50 Brilliant Ways to Store Toys in Your Living Room

I think most parents would agree that trying to keep toys tidy can be a nightmare… especially when there’s no storage space available in your kid’s room or play area.

Are you into easy DIY projects? Then you’ll probably be very interested in this DIY faux built-in toy storage idea for living rooms.


When it comes to storing kids’ toys, clear bins are my go-to. It’s easier for the little ones to see what’s inside and get the toys they want without making a mess.


Rolling carts, like that pink one peeking out behind the door of this photo, are great for storing art supplies! I love keeping ours in a closet because we just roll it out when we want to use everything and then roll it back out of sight when we’re done.


This beautiful closet turned into a play nook looks so beautiful! I love the colors, as they don’t look too childish and could even make a great living room corner, too!


Any time there’s “too many” of something, the answer is probably to declutter. Once you’ve narrowed your items down to a manageable amount, it’ll be a lot easier to organize everything.