The Hidden Downsides of Rushing to Declutter Large Spaces

Decluttering a Big Room

As tempting as it can be to start decluttering in a big room, sometimes that’s the biggest mistake we can make.

Pouring hours of our time into a space and not being able to really see progress afterwards is one of the fastest ways to end up feeling discouraged, and frustrated.


Hours of Work

Start Small

I love focusing on small, easy tasks when I’m at the beginning of something because it’s a quick way to get some wins under my belt.


The 31 Days of Decluttering course is structured with this in mind. Each day we’ll focus on a new area or collection of items in our home.


31 Day Challenge

Best of all, in just 31 days you’ll watch your home undergo a transformation you may have not thought possible before.


Now it’s your turn! If you’ve been living in a house you’re unhappy in, embarrassed by, and wish could be less cluttered and more peaceful, I’d love for you to join us!