The One Question That Will Change the Way You Think About Clutter

Is your Home Cluttered?

You look around your house and feel overwhelmed by clutter and junk.You want an clean and organized home so you ask yourself what you want to get rid of, but you have a hard time parting with anything.

Well, I think it all starts with what we say to ourselves, and many of us are asking ourselves the wrong question.


How It Starts

What to Get Rid?

For people with pack-rat or hoarding tendencies, it can be really hard to let things go. When it comes to the question, “What do I want to get rid of?”


Every time I held up an item and asked, “Do you want to get rid of this?” one (or more!) of my kids would freak out, say they couldn’t possibly part with it.


Ask the Question

Stop and Question it

If I’m feeling twinges of guilt about getting rid of something that’s still in good shape, never used, or was expensive I simply ask myself questions.


Have you tried switching your perspective while decluttering or tackling a difficult project? Did reframing your thoughts of questions help make it easier?