Transform Your Kitchen Drawers with These 7 Amazing Hacks

If the thought of organizing your kitchen drawers is stressing you out then you’re not alone. With a few changes in your daily habits you can have the cleanest, most organized drawers on the block!

Empty the Drawer Completely Trying to organize a kitchen drawer without emptying it will have you going in circles. Do yourself a favor and empty it. Pull it off the tracks, turn it upside down, and dump it all out on your table.


Invest in Drawer Organizers This is where Amazon or other online stores are going to be your best friend. There are some really great drawer dividers that you can purchase that are the right size for your drawers.


Remove the Word "Junk Drawer" from Your Vocabulary Junk drawers are just that…full of junk. To be honest, most of the stuff in the junk drawer doesn’t even belong in the kitchen at all!


Use the Space Wisely Find a way that you can either layer items or use your drawer organizer to utilize every possible area of space.


Give Each Kid a Drawer You can have their snacks, their homework, notes, etc. in their drawer and have it much more organized than you ever thought possible.