Transform Your Living Room with These 50 Game-Changing Toy Storage Hacks

Toy Storage Ideas

Finding suitable solutions for housing those much-loved jigsaw puzzles, blocks, and other playthings is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Not only that it stores the mess out of sight, but it could also be used as additional seating space. I love it!


Ottoman Turned Toy Box

Nerf Toy Guns Display with Baskets and Hooks

Storing nerf guns can be a challenge because of their large, awkward shapes, but here the problem’s solved in a brilliant and simple way with baskets and hooks!


These plastic baskets and fabrics bins organization idea could be the one you’ve been looking for!


Plastic Baskets and Fabric Bins with Picture Labels

Labeled Baskets Toy Car Parking

Got some space in the closet or a spare shelf? Then, you should definitely check out this cute toy car parking idea.


Coffee Table Hidden Toy Storage

Functional decor is another great way to hide toys while leaving them accessible to little ones.