10 Cleaning Jobs Everyone Hates Doing

Household chores rarely top anyone's list of enjoyable activities, and some are downright loathsome. In an engaging online discussion, women opened up about the most detested household chores, admitting they would happily spend a fortune to get out of doing them ever again.

For a few, vacuuming can be a surprisingly soothing and satisfying task, but for the majority, it's a chore they'd rather avoid.


If given a chance, many women would gladly remove laundry from their list of daily duties! It's not the act of washing clothes that's the problem – it's the relentless cycle of folding and organizing them back into closets and drawers that really tests patience.


Many women despise cleaning bathtubs due to the physical strain it imposes. The task is not only physically demanding but also time-consuming, as stubborn stains and soap scum require rigorous scrubbing for a thorough clean.


Many women find cleaning the stovetop particularly frustrating due to the accumulation of grease and food particles that require rigorous scrubbing to remove. The areas around burners and knobs add to the challenge, requiring extra effort to clean well.


Dealing with garbage is a grimy and foul-smelling task that many women are tired of. Here's a helpful hint: delegate this task to your kids!