10 Minimalist Trends Sparking Conversations and Controversy

People are constantly bombarded with countless methods to declutter and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. During a recent online discussion, renowned decluttering experts shared which currently popular trends they think should be discarded for good.

Upcycling old furniture is a fantastic way to be eco-friendly and creative, yet it's not always necessary. It's important to remember that not all old items need a makeover; many pieces possess inherent charm and character that can be lost in unnecessary repurposing.


Sometimes decluttering can morph into a competitive sport, with friends and family vying to see who can donate the most to charity. It's crucial to remember that minimalism isn't about outdoing others in a race to declutter; it's a personal journey toward simplicity and mindfulness.


The recent shift from using bookshelves for storage to showcasing books as wall art has sparked debate. Numerous experts disapprove of this trend, pointing out that it transforms books, which are designed for reading and learning, into bland art objects.


Adopting a minimalist lifestyle isn't synonymous with starting from zero. One expert says it's laughable to expect anyone to get rid of all their books, collectibles, and even clothes, in the name of minimalism.


While organizing kitchens, many people focus on the aesthetics of neatly arranged cupboards and refrigerators, often neglecting the aspect of food waste. Effective organization involves not just tidiness but also mindfulness.