17 Decluttering Tips from the Internet That Could Spell Disaster

Ready to laugh (and cringe) at the most absurd decluttering advice out there? We’ve curated the 17 worst suggestions that’ll make you question what some decluttering gurus are thinking.

If decluttering was as easy as saying, “Just get rid of it,” no one would have a clutter problem in the first place! The problem with this advice is it’s overly simplistic and fails to consider the emotional attachment people may have to their belongings.


Emptying an entire space at once creates a massive pile of items that need sorting, making it difficult to stay organized and focused. A better method is to declutter in manageable sections, so you can make steady progress and maintain a sense of control throughout the process.


Keeping things “just in case” can lead to excessive clutter and a lack of space for things that truly matter. While it’s essential to be prepared, it’s crucial to be realistic about what items genuinely serve a purpose in your life and what is just unnecessary accumulation.


Using your bed as a sorting area can backfire, as it may tempt you to postpone the task or rush through it when bedtime approaches. Additionally, it can create an uncomfortable and chaotic sleeping environment.


Storage containers can become a band-aid solution, and if you don’t know what’s inside each container, you may end up buying duplicates or forgetting about important items altogether.