Clear Out, Help Out: 10 Charities Waiting for Your Generous Donations

Clutter often creeps into our lives, occupying precious space and overwhelming us. Imagine, though, converting that disorder into an act of kindness. Donating your surplus items to charity clears up your living space and impacts the lives of those in need.

Big Brothers Big Sisters champions mentoring programs by reselling donated clothing and household items. They welcome all kinds of gently used apparel, selling them in their resale stores to fund their initiatives.


Vietnam Veterans of America is dedicated to aiding veterans from all walks of life, including those who have become homeless or disabled due to their service. Your donations of clothing, shoes, and accessories for both children and adults can make a significant difference.


Habitat ReStores across the globe welcome your donations of furniture, appliances, and construction supplies. These items are then resold to members of the community, supporting Habitat's mission.


The mission of Soles4Souls is to uplift the lives of those in poverty, focusing on a basic yet crucial need: shoes. Your donation plays a key role in empowering individuals to participate in life's essential activities, such as education and employment.


Indigo Rescue is committed to helping unique and otherwise unadoptable animals through targeted, life-saving efforts. By donating jewelry, you can contribute to their mission of funding animal shelters and providing care for these special animals.