Decluttering Can be Fun If You Try These Methods 

Decluttering can sometimes feel like the last thing we want to do, but wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t feel like a chore?

Having something you can listen to in the background is a great way to have fun while decluttering. I personally work best when I’m listening to great music. Good tunes are my favorite way to keep myself energized and moving.


If you’re competitive, another great way to make decluttering fun is to play beat the clock. Set a timer and see how much you can accomplish before it goes off.


Make decluttering fun by turning it into a friendly competition with friends, family, or just yourself. You can see who can find a certain number of items the fastest or clear a space the quickest.


Seeing money pile up from the things you’re decluttering can be very rewarding.


Instead of looking at your home as one big project, break it down into tiny tasks you can complete in just a few minutes at a time.