How to Cultivate Your Child's Ultimate Potential

We’ve had a lot going on over the last few months (which I kind of feel silly even saying because who doesn’t, right?), but I realized that most days were leaving me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes kind of angry.

I felt completely overwhelmed by my never-ending to do list, but when I started to look at my list with “business” eyes I realized how little I actually had to do.


One thing that drives me crazy is when I ask my kids to do something (after they’ve basically done nothing but eat, sleep, and play all day), and they complain about it.


I think sometimes we, as parents, have a hard time realizing that our sweet little babies have grown into little beings who are totally capable of doing a lot more than we may expect.


My kids tend to leave their things all over the house, and I know that’s because I’ve done a bad job of expecting and teaching them to put things away.


Ultimately, I’ve realized that my kids are capable of doing so much more than I am requiring. My husband and I are working on a list of daily responsibilities for each child.