How to Keep your Spice Organized

Two years ago I bought containers from Amazon. They hold an average bottles worth of spices, the lids are easy to remove and large enough to insert various measuring spoon sizes.

The layout has worked really well because when one of my glass containers gets low I can just reach in this cabinet and fill it up again, but the cabinet itself has gotten rather out of hand.


I have too many large and awkward sized bottles in there, and every time I reach in to get something I seem to knock over five other things.


Sorting through the spices was painful because, just like anywhere there’s clutter, I ended up having a lot of duplicates.


Once everything was alphabetized, I put it back in the cabinet, and voila! I love it because I can stack everything around the perimeter of the cabinet instead stacking the bottles on top.


It probably sounds silly, but it’s amazing how just conquering the clutter is such a small space can make life easier and me so happy!