Say Goodbye to Scooping: The 5 Best Auto-Cleaning Litter Boxes

While a significant investment, automatic litter boxes offer several benefits to cat owners and cats.

Also known as a self-cleaning litter box, these litter boxes clean themselves, removing all the clumps of litter and any poop from your kitty without you needing to scoop the tray manually.


Automatic litter boxes work through different mechanisms designed to take any lumps out of the litter box. So this includes clumps of litter where your cat has peed and cat poop.


Litter-Robot 4 is the latest in the Litter-Robot line. It offers significant improvements over earlier models thanks to its QuietSift cleaning cycle and the excellent OdorTrap feature, which minimizes smells.


The Popur X5 suits bigger cat breeds and has a large, open design. It uses an advanced rake with an accordion-style lifter to drop the waste into the box once the lid is automatically opened.


Buying a self-cleaning cat litter box is a good choice for busy cat owners who don’t have time to scoop out litter daily.