The Hidden Joys of Not Being a Neat Freak


I read the magazines, bought the bins and containers, and tried to implement different routines to keep my house organized, but they never seemed to work for long.

After years of spinning my wheels trying to solve my clutter issues by addressing the stuff, I started to really think about why I’d allowed clutter in the first place.


How to Figure Out the Deeper Issue

Acknowledge Why You Have Clutter

Try pinpointing when the clutter issues began. Were you once neat and tidy? What caused that to change? Did you grow up in a messy, hectic home?


Instead of being angry that you’ve allowed things to get to this point, try to view the situation from a positive mindset.


Give Yourself Grace

Something Bigger

It’s kind of like when the body has a fever or the check engine light comes on in a car. Those are signals that there’ s a problem somewhere.


I'm able to pass these things on to people who may actually use and appreciate them, and give myself space, peace, and the opportunity for connection in the meantime.