Time to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands by Conquering all Types of Clutter

Have you ever seen an episode of a talk show where a crew completely cleans someone’s home of clutter? If the person who lives there isn’t very into it or involved (and sometimes even if they are), what usually happens?

Mental or Emotional clutter are the thoughts and feelings that hold us back from our true potential. They may be tied to certain events, people, places, or memories, and they leave us feeling drained.


Physical clutter is probably what most people think of what they think of clutter. It’s the stuff that isn’t placed where it belongs, the piles of junkmail on a kitchen counter, dirty clothes on a bedroom floor, or a stack of books and magazines on a nightstand.


Social clutter consists of the people and commitments who no longer add to our lives. Relationships go through ebbs and flows.


Digital clutter can be a tricky devil. It can seem organized, but a computer full of pictures, e-mails, subscriptions, files, etc. can be overwhelming.


If you are energized and inspired to start decluttering, knock yourself out! We’ll be starting more of that next week, but don’t hold yourself back if you’re ready now.