Tips to Having an Organized Purse

My purse all too often becomes a catch all for the junk I encounter while out of the house.

The inside, however, was a disaster. I removed my wallet, which left some obvious essentials: a fake dripping candle from our chandelier, a flashcard, a diaper, wipes, an empty container of Altoids, receipts, and old candy.


Once the purse was empty, I sorted through the pile. Most of it was receipts and old shopping lists so I was able to throw all of those away.


Believe it or not, I’ve actually had this roll up purse organizer for years. It was in a purse I don’t use much anymore so I grabbed it so I could get organized.


I was able to put everything in a pocket and even had one pocket left empty!


My purse is so much lighter, and it’s so easy to find everything when I need it. I sorted my wallet in the same way, removing multiples and trash and keeping only what I really needed.