The Toughest Hurdle in Decluttering: What Most People Won't Tell You

The Hardest Part

If you find the time between holiday festivities and want to do a little decluttering, I’ve suggested a few small tasks for this week, but for the most part it’s time to relax and enjoy our families and less cluttered spaces.

As I worked through this space, I came across something I never imagined was hiding among my cookbooks a report detailing of my dad's life


Not Remembering

Unexpected Emotional Landmines

It’s one thing to seek out this kind of information when I’m looking and prepared for it, and quite another for it to jump out and surprise me.


I’ve worked at facing my “symptoms” head on, and while it’s been hard to deal with things I’d sometimes rather forget



A Long Journey

This decluttering journey is taking longer than I ever imagined, but that’s because so much is being worked on behind the scenes. It’s not just about the stuff?


’ve had a lot of people ask me how I’ve gotten to this place of being able to more easily let things go, and the truth it’s been a combination of things.