Women Dish on Their Least Favorite Chores

Household chores are rarely ranked among the favorite activities to do around the house, but some tasks suck the life out of you more than others.

While some women consider vacuuming a peaceful, almost cathartic experience, most despise it. It takes time to do it correctly, and in a perfect world, the carpet would never need to be vacuumed because it would never get dirty.


Doing laundry is a process that most women would eradicate from their daily life if they could! It’s not the washing clothes part that is unbearable – it’s the seemingly neverending folding and putting-away-the-clothes factor that drives everyone crazy.


Cleaning the tub is easier said than done, usually requiring contorting your body into unnatural positions and giving your shoulders and arms a real workout.


Unsurprisingly, any cleaning task that requires a severe dose of elbow grease drives all of us crazy. To make matters worse, cleaning anything makes men innately want to muck it up immediately!


Household chores are the worst, but you have to do them if you want a clean house.