Easy Declutter Ideas to Make Your Car Brand New Again 

Have you ever sat down in your car, looked around, and just wanted to get right back out? I’ve been there…I totally get it. This is why you need these simple ideas to declutter your car.

All of it needs to go…all of it. There should be nothing in your car except for the physical interior of your car. Remove every piece of clothing, paper, trash, books, makeup, and anything else you find and get rid of it asap.


Shine the steering wheel, vacuum the floorboards, invest in an essential oil air freshener that will have your car smelling amazing…and just give that car a scrubbing like it’s never had before.


I’m all about saving money any way that I can so it just makes sense to reuse items that I have in my house to help organize in other areas of my life.


Believe it or not, you probably don’t need to keep a pair of heels in the trunk… but maybe you do need an extra pair of workout shoes for when you stop at the gym on the way home from work?


See how easy it can be to organize your car? With these super simple ideas, your car can be clutter-free, clean as a whistle, and smelling great in no time at all!