Man Donates Half of His Partner’s Clothes Because He Refused To Help Declutter. What Would You Do?

A man succeeded in decluttering his boyfriend’s stuff, but it didn’t quite spark joy for his boyfriend!

Mitch moved in with his boyfriend, who now shares a 1-bedroom flat, but managing their wardrobe has been quite a task given their extensive collection.


After weeks of waiting, Mitch finally decided to declutter all by himself. Mitch decluttered their wardrobe, bidding farewell to outdated and ill-fitting pieces after a lengthy sorting session.


Mitch would think the boyfriend would be happy to come home to a clean house after all that hard work. But the boyfriend was mad when he returned and saw that the closet was clean.


“As long as It was his property, Mitch didn’t have permission,” one user commented. What is worse is that Mitch didn’t even allow him to go through the clutter before donating it.


His boyfriend can’t part ways with his clothes, even though they look worn out, and he hardly ever wears them. Here’s the gist.